jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

Braveheart - braveheart

Braveheart - braveheart

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There are too many choices
How to know what´s wrong or right?
And for those who broke some bones
For a doubfull choice it´s coming a second day...

Fate is written by our will
Now it´s your turn to roll the dices
Why do we change the certain for doubt
A little while that sun shines bright, another day...

Day, another day
You have to say
To find the reason
Looking to the sky
You may be blind
But you got that feeling

Around the single day
Born second day
Only you can show
You got a mission

Labyrinths is heart playing tricks
But you just learn to walk on line
Go ahead into the unknown
Now for you it´s just, scissors, paper or stone...

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